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October 5: Hot Springs, Arkansas

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By: karna • Date: February 22nd • Comment (0)

vlc 2013-02-22 11-01-29-02

Before we go to the commercial break the graphic is shown for the match for the Knockouts Woman’s championship that Brooke Hogan announced last week on the Impact Zone.
We then come back from the commercial break and the challengers for Tara’s Knockout Woman’s Championship are then introduced one at a time; Velvet is the first one introduced, followed by Gail Kim and then Miss Tessmacher. Finally the champion comes out with her Hollywood boyfriend known as Jesse who has been helping her win a lot of matches of late. Next the new Knockouts GM comes out and she tells the referee Taryn Terrel to eject Jesse at ringside before she takes her seat at ringside. The referee rings the bell and the match is officially started.

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By: karna • Date: February 15th • Comment (0)


Here are tow of Gail Kim from this years U.K tour, see in our gallery below for larger photos.

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By: karna • Date: February 15th • Comment (0)

vlc 2013-02-15 09-27-38-27

In this weeks Impact wrestling our girl Gail Kim is in action as she teamed up with Jesse and Knockouts Woman’s champion Tara. They faced off against the new British tag team like the Bella twins called the Blossom Twins which was made up of Hannah & Holly and they were also joined by Marty.

They got their entrances first followed by our Knockout Gail and then finally by Jesse and Tara together and the match is officially started.

The guys started off the match and went back and fourth as our girl remained on the Apron and then Tara got tagged in, which forced Hannah or Holly into the ring as it is hard to tell these two apart. The Blossom twin got the upper hand on Tara and then she tagged in our girl Gail.

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By: karna • Date: February 14th • Comment (0)


Gail Kim had a brand new shoot yesterday for Valentines day check out the photos in our gallery below.

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Valentines Day 2013 Shoot – View

By: karna • Date: January 19th • Comment (0)

vlc 2013-01-18 20-00-15-77

First of all our girl, Gail, is shown backstage with the Knockout’s special referee Taryn Terrel. Gail shows her what she had cost her; after she explains she has wrestled for over 13 years in the business. Gail then tells her she better call this rematch that Brooke Hogan made as she points her finger, right in the face of Taryn Terrell; Gail then walks off as it goes to a commercial break.

See Promo Video Stream Below:-

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By: karna • Date: January 14th • Comment (0)

Gail Kim was out first, then Miss Tessmacher. Tenay explained that the winner is the last Knockout standing, and will receive the next title shot against KO champion Tara. Gail and Tessmacher went back and fourth with near falls; Gail finally got the pin on Miss Tessmacher for the first elimination via the Eat Defeat. Gail then tried to brawl with the next entrant who was ODB; this happened on the entrance ramp. They eventually fought back into the ring. Inside of the ring, Gail pinned ODB for the next elimination using her underwear as leverage.
Mickie James was out next for a WWE flashback with Gail Kim. Mickie controlled early on, with Gail wearing down from her third match of the series. However, Gail still found a way to beat Mickie, though her foot was on the ropes which could be reviewed on Impact.
Gail continues her run through the Knockouts and the final entrance is none other than Velvet Sky. Gail decides to hide; she suddenly blindsides her and knocks her into the steel steps and then poses on the second turnbuckle drawing heel heat.

Velvet got back into the ring and Gail controlled her for a little bit; Gail then tried to cheat, but the referee saw her and Gail got in her face. Velvet took advantage and then hit the in Your Face Face finishing move but Gail had her foot under the bottom rope but Taryn ignored it on purpose screwing our knock out once again. This also needs to be reviewed on impact as the foot was under the ring and she even saw it after the match and did nothing about it!

WINNER: Velvet Sky at 11:55

HD Video – Download

Who IS Gail Kim?
Gail Kim the Korean beauty and professional wrestler born on February 20, 1977 who is now signed to a new deal with Total Non-Stop Wrestling which is better known as Impact Wrestling.

She was currently aligned with Karen Jarret, but recently she was fired in a TV angle but she still holds the TNA Knockout Tag Championship with Madison Rayne in the Queens court. She is also the current Knockout Woman’s Champion.
She defeated Velvet Sky in her first PPV Match back at Turning Point 2011 in the company with Eat Defeat to become once again become the Knockout woman’s Champion.

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